Gigabyte GA-EP43-UD3L Sold

In case you missed the headline (how the hell…? nevermind) I sold my older gigabyte board on ebay.  And it sold for a hefty bit more than I was expecting.  Hey, for a first time sell, I got it good me thinks.  So, what am I going to do with an extra $50?  More upgrades!!  

I can hear my friends again: “Ok, I thought we went over this already.”  Yeah, we did.  But turns out there’s still a few things left to be changed.  But hey, you can be happy because that’s only two items and $120 (coming from my paychecks) down the line.

Now that I’ve turned this post into another upgrade plan, here goes:

For cooling my Core i7 2600k: 

Hyper 212+

At $28.43 this will be a perfect budget heatsink.

Note: Yes, I’m scrapping the H80 idea.  Why?  Because someone enlightened me about wasting my money on stuff I don’t need to.  Therefore, I’m going with the Hyper 212+.

Second!  A better hard drive.  

Western Digital Caviar Black

Here’s where all of that other 120 dollars are going to ($90).  A faster hard drive.

Anyway, selling my old motherboard puts me every little bit closer to finishing my plans for upgrades.  Yay me!